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  • Here at Long Branch

    March 22, 2020 Here at Long Branch, the deer, turkey and raccoons come to eat 3 times a day. The deer have been coming for at least five generations. Their original mother is Mil. They all have names though I don’t know what they are. Only Seikan’s daughter knows. She’s the one who feeds them.…

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  • Spring is coming Anyway

    Spring is coming anyway, as my peach tree attests…Did she ask us where this corona virus cameĀ  from? I think she doesn’t care at all if or how much we suffer…But ask me again in the fall when all her browned leaves fall back to the earth…Peach tree, aren’t you suffering going to your death?…

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  • Companions on the Way

    Report from Long Branch. “Life once triggered to begin repeats its cell cleavage with tremendous vigor, its precise operation vitalized by its own excellent purity, furious, transcendental, as if beyond interpretation, unless to say its purpose is to function, no less than the sun and the stars as they continue to burn in the deep…

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