Companions on the Way

Appalachian Mountains, Western North Carolina

Report from Long Branch.

“Life once triggered to begin repeats its cell cleavage with tremendous vigor, its

precise operation vitalized by its own excellent purity, furious, transcendental,

as if beyond interpretation, unless to say its purpose is to function, no less than

the sun and the stars as they continue to burn in the deep and wide universe.

Life has extremely sharp eyes to detect and ingest nourishment from all

surrounding miscellaneous elements. What fierce bird can seize its food from

amid a tornado that pulls up, tosses, and twirls trees, houses, haystacks, and fat

swine too, sucking in the shrieks and squeals in a moment of insanity between

raging earth and condensed black clouds? Only a creature who does not

perish even as it is engulfed can live on in the rough wave of this world.”

Mind to Mind, Prologue

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